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About The AI in Dentistry Symposium organizer, DentaNet


DentaNet is a independent network of more than 1.100 mainly Nordic and international dentists in more than 500 dental offices – both in DSO’s and individual practices. Together we help each other making the patients even happier. We do that by exchanging knowledge and build dental skills. At the same time, we minimize cost and administrative tasks through valuable business partner deals.
For more than 15 years DentaNet has organized courses and events ranging from both hands-on courses with limited numbers of delegates, LIVE surgery courses streamed online, hands-on course series, bigger theoretical courses, the yearly DentaNet Symposium (100+ delegates) and before covid-19 the Dental Festival & Awards with more than a 1.000 delegates and 50+ exhibitors for both the course parts and award show.
We strive to seek out the best topics and lecturers from all over the world and make it easy to implement the gained knowledge and skills in everyday practice.
When you sign up for Onsite participation you will be transferred to DentaNet’s webpage and sign-up forms where you can book the event including hotel room and networking dinner if you wish. 

For Onsite participation you will easily book and pay it through the AI in Dentistry Symposium event webpage.


The future of AI in dental business is here. Don't miss out!

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